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Hey Facebook, what's with the new algorithm?

You think you’ve cracked the code and then Facebook decides to change the algorithm again - probably sitting around a board room saying “businesses are getting to good at this - let’s throw them a curve ball so they have to restart”. Basically in a nutshell, the new “Family First” feed update is prioritising “meaningful personal interactions” (basically showing the real stuff and not the fake advertising click bait). This means news feeds will likely start to show more pictures of your friends baby shower and fewer Buzzfeed listicles.

The internet has been in speculation since Zuckerberg put out this post on the original Facebook blog. So what does the king himself mean by all of this online relationship advice?

Facebook is prioritising posts that drive organic discussion among users. They want to see real interactions, opinionated comments and more than just a one-worded answer to your cheesy caption. Any content that is deemed too “pushy” or “salesy” is likely to be pushed down the never ending feed and will end up next to the stupid cat videos your friends tag you in.

Facebook is also prioritising content that keeps you on the platform rather than external links - so be careful with adding bit.ly links, your website, or image links in your posts. Try using the Facebook live feature to generate discussion - live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.

The ever so popular “Tag someone”, “React only”, “Like this if” captions are now discouraged according to Facebook themselves as it only requires a one-time comment - Remember they are looking for “meaningful personal interactions” and a like just ain’t gonna cut it. There are super smart bots that scan posts for key engagement bait words, so this isn’t a joke.

So here’s our top tips for surviving the 2018 Facebook update:

  1. Post content that will encourage people to have an opinion and open a discussion among themselves - Think open questions, news articles, events, trending memes etc. Get a little controversial if you have to.

  2. Ask your loyal fans to turn on the “See First” option on your page to ensure your content is still seen by your most devoted fans

  3. Avoid blatantly asking for tags, likes, comments, shares

  4. Get in active groups, or even start your own - build yourself up as an authority figure in your niche

  5. Experiment with different types of posts that will keep your fans within Facebook and on your page

  6. Don’t toot your own horn too much and only promote your business. Keep the content as organic as possible

I know you’re probably in panic mode but if you follow these steps you should see an increase in engagement. If you have any questions (or just need to rant lol) leave your questions down below!



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