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Cheatsheet: How to work with influencers

So you’ve decided to branch out into the world of influencers and you have absolutely no idea where to start. There’s a good chance you’ve found some Insta-famous girl in your explore feed (does anyone know what she does or does she sip on coffees for a living?) and you want her to promote your products. Well, there’s a few things you need to know before clicking send on that email.

An Influencer' is defined as someone who has the power to influence others behaviour or opinion through social media or traditional media. The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative.

There are a three different ways you can work with influencers:


The brand will send the influencer free product or a gift card in exchange for a post on their page. This collaboration is contra based and is general a win-win. You don’t have to pay them, and they get free product. You usually see your micro-mid tier influencers work this way.


The brand will send the influencer product free of charge and will pay the influencer a set fee in exchange for a post on their page. The brand usually has more control over the partnership and can request when the post will go live, provide examples of what they would like the post to look like and caption ideas, specified hashtags etc.


The brand will send the influencer product in exchange for a free post on their page. A unique discount code will be set up for them to share on their account with their followers. The influencer will receive the discount amount as payment. Offering a reward to the influencer will incentivise them to make the post the as best as possible and of course increase your sales.

So why should you work with influencers?

Influencers are a great way to increase credibility. People have great trust and loyalty to their favourite influencers so are likely to believe anything they say - if they see them promoting your business they will automatically believe in your brand (generally speaking). By working alongside someone that already has credibility, you increase your own.

You scratch their back, they scratch yours. Everyone on social media is on the hunt for exposure. Influencers are more likely to work with brands with a high following so they will receive exposure too - the bigger the brand, the better the influencer. Everything in business is done for personal motives and it makes sense of course!

Top 10 types of social media influencers:

  1. Celebrity

  2. Bloggers and vloggers

  3. Social media stars

  4. Sport stars and athletes

  5. Reality TV stars

  6. Journalist

  7. Photographers

  8. Models

  9. Entrepreneurs

  10. Musicians

How do you reach out to influencers?

You can contact an influencer through DM (direct message) via social media, email, their agency, influencer programs, or hire a professional to do the hard work for you.

The first step is to connect with them on social media. Follow them, like a few posts, comment and develop common ground for communication with them. This way they’ll remember you when you make contact and will be more likely to respond.

Next, make initial contact and send them a personalised message about why you’re reaching out, what you like about them, a bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for. Make sure you include a link to your website and your social media so they can take a look at your brand before making a decision. Keep the email informal and approach them as a friend rather than a business deal.

If they write back, you’ll probably need to negotiate terms. Think about what you’re looking for and what type of partnership you’re requesting (as mentioned above). Feel free to ask them for their demographics, rates, previous work and if they can match your brief.

Once you come to an agreement, make sure you send all information before sending out the product or making payment. Make the collaboration as clear as possible so you are both left with the best result possible!

When you know the product has been sent, send a follow up to make sure they receive it. Engage once the post is live, and send another follow up email thanking them for their post and any feedback you may have. Use this opportunity to build a relationship so they will think positively about your brand.

Have you had success with bloggers or social media influencers? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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